gamer moments

Buy and sell clips from streamers


Explore Music NFTs by up-and-coming artists


Create land in virtual worlds and collect Digigoods to sell in the Digimart


Tickets that allow you to participate in Raffles to win prizes and attend virtual concerts showcasing up-and-coming musical artists. Digitiks can be transferred from one wallet to another and can be traded on secondary marketplaces such as the Baazaar, OpenSea, and Rarible.

Digigoods 🏦

gamer momentsgamer moments

Make real world money collecting digigoods like weapons, glasses, hats, shoes, outfits, among other items across different games released in Digiworlds. Just like Digitiks, Digigoods, can be bought and sold to other players in our Bazaar and secondary markets.🤑

Our Extraordinary Team

Digi General 🎩

Christian DecigaFull-stack blockchain developer, ethical hacker, designer, adviser to emerging projects, and ableton producer.Xp logo


web3 native and technical creative who has been on the ground floor of cutting edge technology since late 2017. Acquired specific knowledge at Everipedia University.

Final boss

Digi General 👑

🦄Xp logo

Legendary Boss Lady

Digi Papi🏅

Sam BelayBusiness has only two functions: Innovation and marketing.Xp logo


Talent manager, storyteller, and Sam's Club inventor.

Digi Lieutenant🏅

Dino TomicRising star in the metaverse era and represents what this software revolution is about. From top down, to bottom up.Xp logo
Bored Elon Unicorn Club
Ether Reapers


Technical creative leading the next generation of digital artists. "The DINO"

Soon to be Father and husband based in Norway.

? Legendary streamer ?

Identity revealed??

Digi Warrior🏅

Afinotan KingsleyEarly Everipedia community master editor.Xp logo

Community lead based in Nigeria.

Eros Nolasco Full-stack web3 developer

Everipedia intern in 2019

Novel Gaming

Multiplayer games. 24/7 E-sports tournaments. Fun. Simple. NO TECH JARGON (THE EXPERTS DO THAT)

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Our partners align with our vision of simplifying the onboarding process into the new creator economy for the rest of the billions of people trying to get in.

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